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Laser Decal Paper
Create your own water slide model decals for planes, trains & automobiles! Develop your own water mount model decals for detailed model projects like model railroads, die-cast cars, ships, vehicles, rockets, airplanes, etc. Water slip decals can help to customize your models with signature stripes, logos, initials, and signs to make each creation an original. 

Model decals are simple and easy to print using the following:  
  • Alps Printer  
  • Laser Printer  
  • Color Copier  

    Choose from our variety of model papers.  

    • Clear Paper: White backing paper with clear lacquer film.  
    • Blue Paper: Blue backing paper with clear lacquer film.  
    • White Paper: White paper with white film.  

      Buy one kind of paper or mix them to combine your order!  

      Most Frequent Questions  

      1. Will this laser printer paper work on color copiers?
      Answer: Yes it will.

      2. Can I fire these decals in kiln?
      Answer: No. These are waters-side decals using regular toner ink. Ceramic decals can be printed by mainly silk screen printing using special ceramic or glass inks, oil(medium) & cover-coat.

      3. Where can I apply these decals?
      Answer: Almost on all non porous surface like finished wood, glass, ceramic, candles, fishing rods, model cars, model trains, tiles, metals, fiberglass, hard plastic.

      4. Do you carry white film?
      Answer: Yes. Please check our shopping cart.

      5.What is the difference between blue paper & white paper?
      Answer: They are both coated with clear film. Some printers like ALPS print white. People prefer our blue paper as it is easier to see white when you print on blue paper than white. That is the only difference.

      6.Does your clear film coated on the paper comes in different thickness?
      Answer: Yes. For applications such as model decals which require small decals, we suggest our AJ200 decal paper (White Paper with clear Film). If decals are large then we suggest our AJ60 decal paper (White Paper with clear Film).

      7. Does your blue decal paper comes in Different Thickness?
      Answer: No. It comes in only one thickness.

      8.Can I get a sample?
      Answer: I am sorry we do not send any samples.

      9. What if I buy the paper & I do not like it?
      Answer: We do not have a return policy unless our product is proven to be defective.

      Laser Instructions

      *** Important: Laser Paper must be used as soon as the printer is turned on to prevent the paper from melting onto the fuser.***

      Step #1: Begin by removing the paper film before placing it into the printer. Print on the glossy side of the blank paper

      Step #2: Print your image(s) from your computer using your laser printer, color copier or ALPS printer onto our blank decal paper. 
      Note: You should feed your printer one sheet at a time to avoid jamming the printer since this paper is thicker than regular paper. If you take it to a copy center, instruct the operator to feed the copier the sheets one by one.

      Step#3: Allow the ink to dry and set into the paper at least five minutes and it should be ready for application.

      Step#4: Cut out the image(s) as close as possible to the actual design and place in lukewarm water for approximately 30 seconds. Hold the decal carefully to avoid tearing. You will begin to feel the printed image start to slide off the white backing paper. This means it is ready to apply onto your surface to decorate.

      Step#5: Apply the decal to a clean surface by gently sliding the decal into place. Use a clean damp cloth or paper towel to wipe off the excess water and remove any air bubbles that may appear. Allow setting time of about 3-hours. Your decorated object is ready!

      Note: You can speed up drying time by placing your decorated object under/near a fan.

      If you wish to protect your decorated item from surface scratches, moister, or fading, then spray your dried decorated surface with an acrylic varnish such as Krylon Crystal Clear finishing spray.

      Disclaimer: Our media has been tested with numerous personal laser printers. The user is responsible for determining suitability with his printer and application. The maximum liability of the seller shall be to replace product found to be defective. Neither the manufacturer nor the seller shall be held liable for any injury, direct or consequential,
      arising out of the use of, or inability to use this paper/film.

      Click here for instructions

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Laser Waterslide Decal Paper
Laser Waterslide Decal Paper
Our Price: $45.00

Laser Decal Paper
25 Sheets
11" X 17" - Works with Laser printers and color copiers.