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Laser Decal Paper
Create your own water slide model decals for planes, trains & automobiles! Develop your own water mount model decals for detailed model projects like model railroads, die-cast cars, ships, vehicles, rockets, airplanes, etc. Water slip decals can help to customize your models with signature stripes, logos, initials, and signs to make each creation an original.

Model decals are simple and easy to print using the following:
  • Alps Printer
  • Laser Printer
  • Color Copier

    Choose from our variety of model papers.

    • White Paper: White paper with white film.

      Buy one kind of paper or mix them to combine your order!

      Most Frequent Questions

      1. Will this laser printer paper work in color copiers?
      Answer: Yes, it will.

      2. Where can I apply these decals?
      Answer: Almost on all non-porous surface like finished wood, glass, ceramic, candles, fishing rods, model cars, model trains, tiles, metals, fiberglass, hard plastic.

      3. Do you carry white film?
      Answer: Yes. Please check our shopping cart.

      4. Can I order a sample?
      Answer: I am sorry, but we do not send any samples.

      5. What if I buy the paper & I do not like it?
      Answer: We do not have a return policy unless our product is proven to be defective.