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Few Tips about the ink jet paper May 18, 2017
Reviewer: Rick Ritchie from saint paul, MN United States  
I have purchased paper from different sellers and this is by far the best & thinnest I have USED

the best way to know when the film will slide off the paper is to place it in water, paper side up when the paper has soaked up the water its ready IT ALSO helps keeping the decal from rolling up on itself

I use photo matte settings and normal print and my decals come very clean and good ink coverage

using the best setting they came out darker meaning my orange looked more link red
play with the setting with scrap decal paper
all printers work different   my is a HP

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Good paper, but there are issues February 5, 2016
Reviewer: Darrell from Hockley, TX United States  
The end result was OK, but there were issues. Slow shipping-DecalPaper.com ships via the Postal Service. Took a long time for the paper to arrive and when it did, it was crammed in my mailbox and bent. So, after having to throw away 6 or 7 sheets for creasing, this becomes very expensive. Color-plan on using several sheets to dial in the color you want. The paper is thick, which is good for durability. For my application where I put a finish over it, it took me many extra coats of finish with sanding between to get good results. I was doing several guitar projects and each time the decal had to sit in water for over 3 minutes for it to release. So be patient so you don't damage your decal. In the end the paper is of good quality, but factoring in my experience and the shipping, I doubt I would order this paper again, I would try a different brand/retailer.

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Great idea September 9, 2015
Reviewer: dwe from NY United States  
Printing is great. The issue/s I had came from the instructions which say to place in water for "45-60 seconds." The first one I put in almost immediately separated from the backing and I am stupidly counting to 45 seconds as the decal itself is floating around the water. I adapted the time and the average was about 10 seconds or less.

The other issue was more my fault. I traced everything out, cut it to fit but did not grasp that once the decal is loose there is no real way to "match up" anything. The film is so thin is is extremely hard to manage larger pieces - part of that also ties into the release of the film almost instantly once placed in the water. NOTE: One review said it takes longer than the 45 - 60 seconds the instructions suggest once coated with the clear coat but if you only do the 1 -3 coats there is not way it takes longer than 30 seconds, let alone 60.

I am considering trying ink jet printable vinyl next project to see if it is more manageable.

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Work great for restoration projects August 5, 2015
Reviewer: Glen from Supply, NC United States  
These media sheets are a must for my arcade machine restoration work. Invaluable tools.

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Happy Customer. April 24, 2014
Reviewer: JAFO from Singapore  
Excellent! Delivery was fast and packaging was good!
Have not start printing but at the first observation, the paper quality looks superb!

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Decal Paper October 19, 2010
Reviewer: Rebekah Risher from Aiken, SC United States  
Love this paper,  so easy to use.  I used it to decorate items for a church fund raiser.  I plan to order more of this product.  This product is better than the pre made decals.

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